Hi, i'm Fabry !! I'm a French 20 year old animation student, and I'm obsessed with any colour ranging from emerald to turquoise !! I post art and sloppy doodles, sometimes I take requests so go ahead to my ask if you want to !!
Anonymous: Asahi and Sugamomma


i really like asahi but i like suga a bit more

schliber: dan or sol? if you are still ok w hs, hahah



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Anonymous: Nitori from Free! or Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji?


i drew him expressing my feelings toward free! 

dont get me wrong i love free!

Anonymous: feferi or aradia?


i had trouble choosing bUUUT MERGIRL 

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make me choose between 2 characters !!

i will draw my favourite out of the two 

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sorry about the lack of activity ! i’ve been a bit busy but i m alright ! had to finish some assignements, aaand i m deaaaad tired from volleyball but i m just so happy

going hiking on the coast tomorrow with classmates !! i m so excited i ve been wanting to go hiking there since i ve arrived !! yesss ssss

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i love how my classmates’ opinion about me went from ’ mh. probably draws in an anime art style ’ to ’ oh m y fucking GOD ! CAMILLE ! THIS FACE IS SO GROSS ! ’ and hysterical laughter

i feel powerful

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