Oh, all the teal and turquoise you're gonna see here
19 years old, France

im getting into yowamushi pedal

and like. god i love sports anime/manga

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at some point there was a really great Wolf Children amv going around, does anyone know where i can find it ?

did some traditional stuff today !!

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did some traditional stuff today !!

IM CONFUSED whY is that one robin hood looking dude from shrek talking in french in the english vERSION ????

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Anonymous: I found your themesong, All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

hey that s a cool song but why

i m such a huge showoff but i dont care, i feel fabulous with that wig on my head


“Eridan breaks the surface just behind you, smooth as a nightmare.”

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Eridan breaks the surface just behind you, smooth as a nightmare.

  1. plastic-knives-and-forks said: gaaaaayyyy and yay we both got wigs 2day

damn right i m the gay overlord

and, these are probably the wig gods who decided we should get our wigs at the same day