Hi, i'm Fabry !! I'm a French 20 year old art student, and I'm obsessed with any colour ranging from emerald to turquoise !! I post art and sloppy doodles, sometimes I take requests so go ahead to my ask if you want to !!

also my laptop s getting repaired so i m using my parent’s which is slow and doesnt have skype so… yeah…. i wont be online

i know the anime was shitty but i started with it, im listening to the eyeshield21 ost and i cant handle the way my brain twists right now

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as i was packing for the moving to my appartment, i grabbed one of my eyeshield21 mangas and help i just started crying i m SO MOVED SOMEHOW

when i started reading it i was a middleschool and some characters seemed so adult to me and now i m older than them

and im so happy about es21 i love it so much


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j’ai appris quelque chose sur manami… et depuis…. ce n’est plus…… MON AMI


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what do you mean mizuta is 168 cm tall ?? like he looks tiny, just HOW TALL ARE THE OTHER CHARACTERS ??????

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i am willing to show you this one from last night

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i am willing to show you this one from last night

true friendship is when you pose face against the ground and ass up in the air for your artist friend who is drawing some porn

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